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Marginal Pond Plants

What are marginal pond plants

As their name suggests, marginal pond plants grow in the shallow edges of your pond, often in aquatic planting baskets. Not only do marginal plants bring shape to the ponds water edge, they also provide splashes of colour throughout the growing season. 

Benefits of marginal pond plants 

Many species of marginal plants also work to maintain the health and vitality of your pond and its inhabitants. Veronica Becca bunga is one of the best marginal pond plants for shade as it will raft across the water surface, providing protection for fish, reducing sunlight and help to hinder algae growth. Marginal pond plants such as grasses are especially useful for removing excess nutrients from the water while native marginal pond plants such as Mimulus are fast surface spreaders, creating shade as well as contrast with taller plants.

How to plant?

In most cases aquatic pond plants are planted into aquatic baskets lined with a hessian liner topped with gravel to stop the soil escaping. However it is also possible to design integral planting areas in your pond which can look more natural and especially good for wildlife ponds. Check out our step by step planting guides or our design pages for guides on building a integral pond planting area.

Rough Guide to the number of marginal plants recommended to establish a new water garden
Pond Surface Area 2m2  4m2  6m2  8m2 10m2  12m2
Deep Marginal 1 2 2 5 6 8
Marginal Plants 8 14 18 24 30 36

Looking after marginal pond plants

All plant varieties will vary slightly, please follow individual advise for plants, however as a general rule you want to remove any foliage as it dies back in the autumn. This avoids any dead plant matter breaking down in the pond potentiality impacting water quality and affecting fish health. If plants only needs cutting back or reducing we recommend doing this is the spring. This will give the pond the benefit of the plants over winter and offer protection to its inhabitants.

Composting pond plant waste

It is illegal to dump pond plant matter in the wild as it can introduce invasive species damaging our water ways and ecosystem. Any plant waste should be disposed of with care by following the linked compost guide.

Where to buy?

All of our stores stock a large range of pond plants and lilies from early spring to late autumn. Alternatively buy online for home delivery direct from our UK growers.

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