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Marginal Pond Plants

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As their name suggests, marginal pond plants grow in the shallow edges of your pond, often in aquatic planting baskets. Not only do marginal plants for garden ponds bring shape to the water edge, they also provide splashes of colour throughout the growing season.

Many species of marginal plants also work to maintain the health and vitality of your pond and its inhabitants. Veronica Becca bunga is one of the best marginal pond plants for shade as it will raft across the water surface, providing protection for fish, reduce sunlight and help to hinder algae growth. Marginal pond plants such as grasses are especially useful for removing excess nutrients from the water while native marginal pond plants such as Mimulus are fast surface spreaders, creating shade as well as contrast with taller plants.

All of World of Water’s marginal pond plants are available to buy online for home delivery or in-store. We also stock a wide range of deep marginal pond plants as well as marginal plants for small ponds.

For more guidance on how to plant marginal pond plants, read our free step by step guide to planting ponds