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Native Pond Plants

Native Plants For Your Water Garden

To get the most out your water feature all season long, it’s best to go native with your pond plants. At World of Water we have some of the very best British aquatic pond and marsh plants in our collections. If you are looking to create a natural wildlife haven in your pond, then British native pond plants are the way to go. Native pond plants are easy to get started in your new pond and will create a stunning water feature to enjoy all year round. Or mix up some of the best native pond plants for a wildlife pond with some of the more exotic and ornamental plants on sale for a truly spectacular addition to your garden.

From oxygenators and marginals, to floating plants and deep water native lilies, our expert in-store team are happy to help you choose the best native water plants for your pond - use our in-store locator to find a World of Water centre near you. 

Other Pond Plants

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