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Bog & Marsh Plants

Moisture Loving Plants For Marsh and Bog Areas

As part of a diverse pond plant collection designed to enhance the health of your pond, bog or marsh plants thrive around the edges of your pond or water feature, where the soil remains damp but not fully submerged.

Also known as marsh plants, bog garden plants add pops of colour, height and interest to the border of your pond as well as creating shelter for its wildlife. Freshwater bog plants also help to extend the flowering season around your pond and look stunning when planted alongside traditional marginal plants in the shallows.

At World of Water we have a wide range of carefully selected bog plants for sale, both online and in-store. All our freshwater bog plants are hand-picked to ensure you get the highest quality plants for your pond. Mature specimens of our bog garden plants can also be viewed in our centre show gardens. Find a World of Water store near you.

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