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Floating Pond Plants

Floating Pond Plants

Add extra texture and interest to the surface of your garden pond with some easy to maintain floating plants. Floating freshwater plants can also help to add additional surface cover and can be positioned where the broad leaves of your water lilies don’t reach. If you are wanting to know how to plant floating plants, it couldn’t be easier as they can simply be floated whole on the surface. 

It must be noted that a few of them will only survive one season in this country as they are imported from warmer climates, but they should spread during the summer making a good investment. Alternatively there are some native floating plants such as the popular Water Soldier, which will come back each year adding shade and cover to your pond

World of Water has a range of floating water plants for ponds to buy both in-store and online. All our floating pond plants are hand-picked to ensure you get the highest quality plants for your pond. 

For inspiration you can also view mature specimens in one of our show ponds – use our in-store locator to find a World of Water centre near you.  

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