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Wildlife & Natural Pond Design Tips

Wildlife and nature pools have become increasingly popular as we all become more aware of the environment around us and want to encourage wildlife into the garden. These ponds are not only truly beautiful, and very educational for children but you will also be helping the eco system of your whole garden... Did you know having a pool encourages frogs and toads, which eat slugs! You will also be visited by more birds and wildlife, some you may not have seen before.

To ensure a good balance in these pools you will need to ensure ample planting areas are built into the pool to support plants which in time will cover up to two thirds of the pool’s surface area. Although these ponds will support some fish stocks, it is important to avoid fish such as Koi and Orfe. Fish should also be introduced very gradually as the plants grow and mature.

Over a period of time, as the new plants mature and, along with naturally occurring helpful bacteria, which absorb and digest any toxins left by fish and rotting organic waste, the pool will begin to balance and the water to clear. It must be remembered that this could take up to eighteen months to achieve. However the end result can be magnificent, attracting a host of wildlife along with a splendid display of aquatic plants.

Usually these ponds do not require full filtration as described on the next page, however they will benefit from being circulated by a pump to maintain oxygen levels. This assists in the maintenance of a healthy balance of helpful bacteria and avoids the water becoming stagnant.