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Planning Your Water Garden

How to plan your pond

Top Tip: Don't start digging until you have thoroughly planned your pond. Good design is a key to a successful pond, whether a garden water feature or koi pond. There is a lot to consider before you start digging!

Pond Design Ideas

Looking for pond construction ideas, we have some great tips on how to design and build your garden pond. Read our pond design guide more

Best Pond Position

Where is best to position your pond? Check out our expert guide before you start planning. Read our guide to positioning a pond

Best Pond Shape

Does the shape of your pond matter? Yes! Find out why in our guide to designing your pond shape to avoid pond health issues. Read our guide to best pond shapes

Pond Depth, How deep?

What is the optimum depth for your pond? Check out our guide, answering all your pond depth questions. Read our guide to pond depth

Pond Edging Ideas?

A beautiful pond needs great edging to hide the pond liner and any hoses or cables. Here's our top 9 pond edging methods

Wildlife Ponds

How to build a natural wildlife pond. Download our guides to help you build the perfect wildlife habitat and ecosystem. Download our guide to wildlife ponds

Pond Equipment Layout

Most ponds require an electric feed and hoses for filters and pumps. Check out our tips and design guides before you start building. Pond equipment layout tips

Koi Pond Starter Guide

Thinking about or building a koi pond?  Our beginners guide explains everything about koi pond design including depth, filters, pumps and so much more. Read our beginners guide to koi ponds

How to create pond planting areas?

Pond plants not only add beauty and attract wildlife but they also do a vital job. Plants contribute to looking after your pond’s ecosystem and adsorbing nutrients that could otherwise damage your water quality and any of its inhabitants.

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