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What is the best pond shape?

The shape and surface area are generally down to personal preferences, but it is always best to create a shape that allows water's "natural" flow.
Designing a pond with a complex shape can make construction difficult and create multiple unsightly pond liner folds with an inefficient use of the pond liner. 
When considering the design, it's a good idea to take a rope or hose and spend time creating the shape of the pond in your garden. It may be that a preformed pond will fit your requirements. Alternatively, you can take measurements of your final design to estimate your pond liner cost (TIP We recommend completing the excavation before ordering a pond liner to avoid over/under ordering).

Planning a stream or waterfall?

When designing a waterfall or stream, keep it in proportion. An oversized waterfall or stream with a large pump could cause a washing machine effect in the pond, which is unfavourable for the overall health of plants and fish.

What is the best shape for a wildlife pond?

For a wildlife pond, the shape is not very important, you can make a pond that has a ‘natural wiggly shape’, or is a ‘formal’ square or a circle - it depends on what you think looks good in your garden.

Tips on pond shapes

  • Avoid complex shapes.
  • Leave good access around the pond.
  • Avoid creating areas where water will have trouble circulating.
  • Consider planting areas. Read our guide

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