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Calculating Your Pond Liner Size

How to measure for a new pond liner sheet  

To work out the right size pond liner you need, enter the maximum length, width and depth measurements of the hole you have dug. Type these into our calculator below to get the pond liner required. Please note that our calculator adds 30 cms (1 foot) to the total sheet size to allow for over lapping the edge.

Top Tip - Estimate before you start digging 

Sketch out your pond, or mark it out in your garden, then measure the maximum length and width you desire. To consider the pond depth, larger fish should have at least 90cm of depth while a more natural pond with smaller fish could be 50 cms deep. We recommend completing any excavation before ordering avoiding a possible sizing error. (Bespoke cut pond liner sizes cannot be returned). 

Measuring a newly dug pond or replacement pond liner

Take the maximum length and width measurements by stretching a measuring tape over the pond excavation. Then enter the maximum depth measurements into the calculator below to get your minimum liner size required in imperial or metric, depending on your preference.

Which is the Best Pond Liner for my pond?

PVC Pond Liners
Best For Budget

Oase Alfafoil PVC Pond Liners (0.5mm Thick) A fantastic value fish safe liner ideal for smaller, simpler ponds less likely to be exposed to damage from pets and children. Features include UV and Rot resistant, flexible with a 15 year Guarantee.

Firestone Pond Liners
For Maximum Durability

Firestone Rubber Pond Liner: (1mm Thick) Firestone liner is durable and perfect for small to large pond projects. Although this liner is more expensive, its longevity and durability are certainly worth the investment and peace of mind.

EPDM Rubber Pond Liner
For Flexibility & Durability

EPDM Pond Liner:  (0.75mm Thick | 1mm thick option available to order) EDPM Rubber Liners are exceptionally flexible and a fish safe liner. It is manufactured from synthetic rubber, giving it exceptional physical properties ideal for garden and koi ponds, water features and streams alike. Ecoseal is widely used in building and civil engineering and can be fabricated to huge sizes for projects such as lakes or lagoons.

Butyl Rubber Pond Liner

Butyl Pond Liner: (0.75mm Thick) Butyl pond liner was always considered the best premium pond liner available. However, most landscapers now prefer the SealEco EPDM (Greenseal) pond liner, which is cheaper and has superior specifications. We can also offer a fabrication service for unique shapes and box-welded liners to your requirements

How To Pond Guides

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