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How To Plant Aquatic Baskets


CONSIDER basket size - Tall marginals will need larger baskets to avoid being blown over.  Using a suitably sized basket, line with a hessian or foam liner - Fine Mesh baskets do not need to be lined although it is beneficial.

FILL THE BASKET about two thirds full with aquatic soil.


MAKE A HOLE in the soil for the plant.
GENTLY TAP the pot your new plant is in and loosen any roots protruding from the bottom.


IT SHOULD then easily lift out of its original pot.
LOOSEN the root ball gently.
PLACE the new plant into the prepared basket.
GENTLY surround the plant roots with the soil in the basket.
NOW top the basket up to about 4cm from the top with more soil.


REMEMBER you will need to top the basket off later with gravel.
NOW water in the plant.
ENSURE you water gently. Allow the soil to become saturated.


IF THE SOIL reduces down below about 6cm, top the basket up slightly with soil.
NOW top the basket off with gravel.
 use limestone gravel.
 not to damage the plant. Do not bury the plant's leaves.


NOW water in the plant again.
 lower the plant into its final position.
SOME lilies will need to be lowered to their final position over a period of a few weeks.