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How To Plant Aquatic Baskets

Step By Step Guide To Planting Pond Plant Baskets


Step 1 - Preparing the basket

When choosing the basket size consider the ultimate size and height of the pond plant - Tall marginals will need larger baskets to counter balance them and avoid being blown over. 

Line the mesh aquatic basket with a hessian or foam liner - Fine Mesh baskets do not need to be lined although it is beneficial.


Step 2 - Plant the plant

Fill the plant basket about two thirds full with aquatic soil

Create a hole in the soil larger enough for the root ball. Then to remove the plant from it original pot gently loosen any roots protruding from the base and gently tap the base to realise so it lifts out easily.


Gently loosen the root ball and then place into the prepared basket. Now surround the plant roots with the soil and top the basket up to about 4cm from the top with more soil, Remembering you will need to top the basket off later with gravel.


Step 3 - Water in the plant

Gently water in the plant so the soil gradually dampens down to become saturated.


Step 4 - Topping off the basket

If the soil reduces down below about 6cm, top the basket up slightly with soil. Taking care not to damage the plant or bury the leafs cover the soil  a layer of aquatic gravel (DO NOT use limestone gravel).


Step 5 - Positioning the plant

Water in the plant again. and then gently lower the plant into its final position. Some water lilies will need to be lowered to their final position over a period of a few weeks.


Plant Depth Guide

Plants labels will guide you to depths and conditions the plant will tolerate, here is a useful general guide to pond planting positions