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Pond Pumps by Brand

Top 10 Pond Pumps & Brands

Many people search for "Top 10 Pond Pumps" at World of Water we stock the "Top Brands of Pond Pumps" including Oase, Evolution Aqua, Blagdon, Hozelock, Lotus and Laguna. Within each brand there are many variants and models to suit all pond sizes and differing requirements whether a large waterfall or just a simple fountain. 

What is your pond pump going to used for:

To help you choose the "Top or Best Pond Pump" for your water garden project you should decide on the best type of pond pump to suit your water garden project, we have subdivided our ranges into easy to pick categories to suit most garden pond, water feature, irrigation or commercial projects:

Waterfall & Filter Pond Pumps: Designed to pump soft solids through the pump, avoiding clogging and allowing debris to be delivered directly to a pond or koi filter for processing. As these pumps are designed to pump volume rather than high pressure it is recommended to use the correct hose bore. Our favourite ranges to buy include the Oase Aquamax, Hozelock Aquaforce and the Evolution Aqua Varipump.

Fountain & Feature Pumps: These pumps are designed to run water features and or fountains. If just needing a pump for a water feature, consider a Pontec Pondocompact or the Oase Aquarius Universal. Should you need a garden pond pump to operate more than one feature the Hozelock Cascade, Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets come with a Tee piece which allows you to operate say a fountain and waterfall/feature/filter (model dependent). These pumps are useful in a smaller garden pond.

All in One Pumps (Combining Pump, Biological Filter and UV): Perfect for smaller ponds with a lower fish stock, these combined filter pumps fit neatly into the pond with no need for an external filter. The Blagdon All In one range also comes with an integral LED Pond light while the Hozelock Easyclear remains ever popular with the Cash Back Deal.

Solar Pond Pumps: Drawing power from the sun via a solar panel these smaller pumps can to operate a small fountain or feature. Some benefit from a battery backup system for evening operation as well as LED underwater lights.

Garden & Flood Pumps: These pumps are designed for occasional use to empty a pool, clear a flood, irrigate a garden etc and are not suitable for 24/7 operation.