Hozelock EasyClear 3000 Pond Filter

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Hozelock EasyClear 3000


Hozelock EasyClear 3000 Pond Filter

For an all in one, clear and healthy pond filter solution look no further than the Easy Clear 3000

This complete, easy to install unit goes directly into the pond and is suitable for up to 3000L / 660 Gallons with no fish and 2000 ltrs / 440 gal. with low fish stocks

The Hozelock Cyprio Easyclear 3000 comes complete with everything you need to create a clear & healthy pond.

A 5 watt ultra violet clarifier with 5w UV bulb helps to eliminate green water, filter foam media which collects solid particles, kaldnes biomedia to encourage friendly bacteria and a low running cost, high performance pump.

The Easy Clear comes with 3 fountain heads, a 2 tier, 3 tier and bell jet. But if you do not wish to run a fountain the easyclear 3000 also comes with an adapter to run a small waterfall.

Hozelock have created a simple solution to pond filtration and with all easyclear models maintenance is simple as no tools are required. just by flipping a couple of cage clips you have easy access to the filter media when you wish to change or clean them.

Dimensions:  29cm wide, 25cm deep and 29cm high (69cm high with fountain head extension pipes) approximate.

Technical spec for Hozelock Easy clear 3000

Power Consumption - 25w 230v
UVC Lamp - 5w
Maximum Flow Rate - 1260 Litres per hour / 277 GPH
Recommended Maximum Waterfall Height - 1'18" / 0.5m
Maximum Fountain Height - 2'4" / 0.7m (from top of the water)
Cable Length - 33ft / 10 metres

Easyclear 3000 combined filter UV and pump Guarantee Period: 3 years.

3 Year Guarantee