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Feature & Fountain Pumps

Choosing the best pond pump for a water feature, Fountain or combined fountain waterfall?

There is an importance difference between feature pumps and a fountain pump, and there are pumps that will do both happily.

Feature Pumps: If you are buying a pump to run a water feature that does use a fountain jet (where the water is pumped through small holes or shapes to create a fountain) you can use a "feature pump". these pumps are a single outlet pump and are perfect for smaller self-contain water features. For a smaller feature we recommend the Pontec Pondocompact. If you require a larger feature pump the Oase Aquarius Universal can run much larger features and even fountains as they have a strainer filterer.

Fountain Pumps: A fountain pump will always have a finer prefilter to reduce debris reaching the fountain jets and blocking. Most these pumps will come with a secondary outlet which could be used for a multiple of purposes including running a water feature, waterfall or small pond filter depending on the pump size. Ranges include the Hozelock Cascade, Aquarius Fountain Set and Otter legend.

Combined Pumps: Many higher capacity pumps have enough flow to operate a fountain and waterfall/filter simultaneously, most come with a second outlet with a flow control. In many circumstances we may suggest using a separate solid handling pump to operate a filter of waterfall as these pumps usually allow larger soft solids to flow into a pond filter which could block a fountain jet. This also allows the fountain or feature pumps to be easily operated independently, while a filter pump should always operate 24 hours a day.

All In One Pumps: All In One pumps combine the benefit of biological and UV pond filtration while being able to operate a fountain, feature or waterfall simultaneously. These pumps are only suitable for smaller ponds with low fish stocks.