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Filter & Waterfall Pumps

Waterfall and Pond Filter Garden Pumps

When choosing a Waterfall or pond filter pump it is best to buy a solid handling pond pump. This type of garden pump is ideal for fish or koi filtration system taking the pond debris and fish waste directly to the pond filter for processing. Additionally, these garden pumps require little maintenance as they have no foam or fine prefilter to clean.

Calculating Required Pump Flowrate: To select the correct waterfall or filter pond pump you will firstly need to calculate the maximum lift above the water surface. (Know as head). The optimum flow at this 'head' will then be determined by the pond volume, filter model or waterfall design. As a basic rule of thumb, smaller ponds are usually pass through a filter system every hour to two hours. A waterfall needs roughly 90 liters per cm width per hour. Refer to pond filter and waterfall specifications or contact us or visit a store near you for help (TIP: Always use the recommended hose diameter for the pond pump, keeping the length as short as possible to maintain water flow)

World of Water are authorized dealers for all the top waterfall pond pump brands with proven reliability such as Oase, Blagdon, Evolution Aqua, Hozelock, Laguna & Pontec. As main dealers, we can advise on the best waterfall pump for your project and supply spares and pump accessories if required.

These pumps can also good for some water features, however, they are not suitable for pond fountains or where the water needs to pass through a small jet. If a fountain is required in your water garden consider two garden pond pumps. This will allow you to turn off the fountain pump when not required or in high winds.

For help on a submersible pump or external pump please contact us on 01580 243 333