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Blagdon Amphibious IQ Pump 3000 to 6000 Medium Pond

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Blagdon Amphibious IQ Pump 3000 to 6000 Medium Pond

Blagdon Amphibious Energy Saving IQ Pond Pump 3000 - 6000

Their back and better than ever. Economical and powerful the new amphibious IQ range of pond pumps come with digital interface motor technology.

The flow rate can be adjusted between 3000 litres per hour / 659 Gallons per hour to 5900 Litres per hour / 1297 Gallons per hour.

This low running cost effective pond pump runs at between 17 watts and 35 Watts.

Designed to be used for both filters and waterfalls the amphibious IQ is adjustable to suit both the pond and season, and requires very little maintenance.

Recommended for ponds between 3000Ltrs and 6000Ltrs.

IQ Amphibious Digital Motor Technology 

Digital motors convert less electrical energy to heat than conventional pond pump motors, saving on energy. Microprocessors control and monitoring allows for a host of convenient and energy saving features for your pond or water feature.

Motor Protection System

If the amphibious IQ detects that the motor is clogged or jammed it will pause and display the scrolled text 'motor jammed, clean impeller, clean rotor'. When the clogging has been removed the pump can safely restart.

Flexible Power Usage Control & Display

Stop, start, increase or decrease power and flow at the push of a button for optimum performance and maximum energy saving.

Run Dry Protection System

If the Blagdon Amphibious IQ detects that it has run out of water it will pause and display the scrolled text 'water low, add water'. Once water has been added the pump will safely restart.

Soft Start

When the Amphibious IQ is turned on , the flow of water will slowly increase to its pre set position. This reduces pump wear and reduces stresses on pipework and pond filters fitted to the system, decreasing the risk of leaks and damage.

IQ Pump Technical Data

230 Volt - 50Hz
Power: From 17 to 35 Watts
Flow Rate: Between 3000 and 5900 Ltrs per hour
Max Pumping Height: 4.2 metres / 13'9''
Max Solids Size: 8mm
Cable Length: 8.5 metres

Amphibious Digital Interface Technical Data

Cable length: 1.5 metre
IP56 Weatherproof.

Guarantee Period: 3 Years


Three Year Guarantee