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Solar Pond Pumps

Solar Pond & Fountain Pumps

If you are looking for a cost-effective water pump that is also great for the environment, then a solar pond and fountain pump is an excellent choice for most garden ponds.

There are no running costs with solar-powered water pumps, and they are really easy to install, meaning you don’t have to worry about mains wiring or a complicated set-up.

While solar panel powered pump kits work best in full sun, many of our solar pump kits also come with a battery back-up, so they can keep pumping even when the sun isn’t shining.

Solar fountain kits come in a range of sizes to provide up to 600 litres per hour water flow, making them ideal for most garden ponds, small water features and bird baths. Plus, selected solar fountain pump models also come with additional features, including remote control and LED lights to illuminate your fountain at night.

We also stock floating solar fountain pumps, which create a stunning surface fountain up to 30cm when the sun is out.