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Oase Aquarius Pumps

The Oase Aquarius pond pump range is uniquely designed for operating fountains, features, or delivering water to a higher level than a standard pond pump. The Aquarius range comes in 3 ranges to suit most water gardening feature project from the smallest indoor water feature to the largest outdoor commercial fountain display.

Oase Aquarius Fountain Set comes complete with fountains jets and a controllable outlet allowing the Aquarius Fountain Set Pump to operate two water features together. The pump cage is designed with a finer screen acting as a prefilter reducing fountain jet blockage

Oase Universal Pump: Designed for the smallest indoor water feature to a garden water display. These compact feature pumps also make a reliable replacement for many water features on the market.

Oase Aquarius Eco Expert Pump: Popular with landscapers and designers these low energy professional pond pumps are capable of operating large fountains or feature displays with many amazing features.