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Oase AquaActiv AlGo Universal Total Algae Control 500ml

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Up to 10,000 Litres
Total Algae Control Oase

Oase AquaActiv AlGo Universal Total Algae Control

ALGo Universal works effectively against the most frequent algae species such as string algae as well as slime algae and suspended algae, without causing any lasting damage to the pond ecosystem. The product specifically targets the algae organisms and metabolism, causing the algae to die off gradually. 

  • Safely effective against the most frequently occurring algae types, such as string algae or brown algae
  • Inhibits algal metabolism
  • Reduces new algae formation
  • Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use!

Threats up to 10,000 Litres / 2199 Gallons