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Oase AquaActiv Pondclear Pond Water Clarifier 500ml

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Up to 10,000 Litres
Pond Water Clarifier Oase

Oase AquaActiv Pondclear Pond Water Clarifier

PondClear binds suspended algae (green water) and turbidites , such as clay particles, potting soil or other organic suspended matter. PondClear floculates these turbidity causing particles. They can be removed more easily for example with a pond vac, a closed mesh net, of filter system. In addition, the algae nutrient, phosphate, is reduced at the same time.

  • Effective against fine, non-filterable pollutants
  • Flocculates turbidity-causing particles, such as suspended algae (green water) as well as mineral or other sources of turbidity. Thus this flocculation can be simply filtered or suctioned off.
  • Helps remove phosphates and heavy-metal compounds
  • Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use!
  • Removes minerals and the remains of organic substances that cause turbidity

Treats up to 10,000 Litres / 2199 Gallons

Dosage Instructions: Mix oase AquaActive PondClear in the required amount, (100 ml suffice for 2,000 litres of pond water) with 10 litres of tap water, and distribute the mixture over the pond surface with a watering can. Clean the filter before and after application of PondClear. Strictly ensure that you skim off the flocculated material that accumulates. If you do not, a lack of oxygen for fish can occur. If there is no flocculation due to the special characteristics of the water, the dose can be increased by 50%-100%. If an oxygen deficit was already present at the time of application, in extremely rare cases formation of toxic fermentation gas can occur. In this case use a filter with active charcoal depending on the size of the pond, or let the pond water run over a net bag filled with active charcoal until fish have recovered. In addition you must ensure aeration or use an oxygenating pump such as the Oase OxyPlus.