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Pond Installation Guides

How to install a pond.

Garden pond liners of all types will have a long life if installed correctly. If you haven't already planned your pond, think about design, positioning, pond edging, levelling, wildlife or koi?

How to install a Flexible Pond Liner

Flexible Pond Liners are a popular and cost-effective way of creating a garden pond. They are available in a wide range of materials and sizes and allow you to make a pond of any shape. 

How to install a Preformed Pond

Preformed ponds are constructed from plastics or fibreglass and are available in various shapes and sizes. They are highly durable and are popular as, once installed, they have a smooth surface without creases. 

How to install a Waterfall or Stream

Adding a waterfall to your pond adds an extra dimension to the beauty of your water garden, as the falling water sparkles in the sunlight with the delightful relaxing sound of tumbling water.

How to install a Pebble Pool or Sump Kit

Design and create your own bespoke water feature with a pebble pool or sump kit. Add a simple fountain, monolith or anything that allows water to flow through or over!

TIPS: Pond Construction in areas prone to water logging or a high water table

  • Avoid a sunken pond in areas prone to waterlogging or a high water table.  Consider having a fully or a partially raised pond in these ground conditions.
  • Sunken ponds must NOT be emptied when the ground is saturated. Groundwater will fill the excavation from under the liner, causing severe damage. Likewise, partially raised ponds should not be drained below ground level in these conditions.
  • If emptying any pond, ensure you drain the water well away from the pond. This will avoid drained water running under the liner and causing damage.
  • Any liner warranty will not cover damage caused by poor siting or external water pressure.
  • REMEMBER: - Should a liner or a preformed pool fail once installed, the guarantee will only cover the replacement or repair of the liner, not the installation costs.  Avoid exposed liner showing above the water level. Not only does it look unsightly, but it may also slowly degrade due to UV and environmental exposure.

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