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Selecting Your Pond Pump

Selecting Your Pond Pump:

Buying a pond pump can be a large investment and with many considerations to take into account it can be a boggling experience, however with our network of UK stores and online with telephone support we can guide you through the steps to making the right choice for your pond requirements.

Considerations When Buying a Pond Pump:


The first consideration when purchasing a pond pump is 'what is its primary purpose'. Most garden pond pumps are designed with a primary purpose which can be broken down into 5 main groups:

  1. General Purpose / Multi Use Pumps: Multi functional pond pumps are designed to operate a combination of tasks including fountain, waterfalls and pond filters. They are ideal for smaller garden ponds, where one submersible pump could run a small fountain and maybe a filter or waterfall in tandem. Ranges available at World of Water include Hozelock Cascade Pumps, Oase Aquarius Fountain Set, Otter Legend
  2. All In One Filter Pumps: Great for small garden ponds where you don't want or need an external filter, but would benefit from basic pond biological and UV filtration. Ranges available include Hozelock Easyclear, Blagdon Inpond All In one, Oase Filtral
  3. Solid Handing Pond Pumps: Solid handling pumps are designed to be able to pass soft solids such as fish or vegetation waste through the pump, making them ideal for delivering the waste directly to the pond filter rather than clogging the pump pre-filter. These pump are ideal for most garden pond situations where a fountain or small outlet are not required as clogging will occur. World of Water are stockist of the Oase Aquamax Range, Hozelock Aquaforce, Pontec Pondomax, Lotus Olympus, Laguna Max-Flo
  4. Fountain Pumps: Fountain pumps are designed to deliver higher pressure to drive garden fountains and therefore will have a finer pre filter on the pump to reduce the fountain jet clogging. Ranges include Oase Aquarius Fountain Set, Blagdon Mini Pond, Laguna Fountain Pumps or for larger fountain displays Aquarius Eco Expert.
  5. Water Feature Pumps: Available to many sizes from the tiny for self contained features to a larger model that will drive a larger pond feature. Models stocked by World of Water include the Pontec PondoCompact, Oase Aquarius Universal  and for the larger feature the Oase Aquarius Expert Feature Pump

Required Pump Flow Rate:

Now you've decided on the type of pond pump you require you need to calculate the flow rate usually in litres per hour so you can choose the correct model from the range already selected. To assist you follow these simple steps, or download our working sheet to assist.

  1. Are your having a waterfall? (if NO go to next question) The wider you wish your waterfall to be, the greater the flow required for it to look effective. To calculate the flow require for an average waterfall use this simple formula: WIDTH OF SPILL IN CMS X 91 = LITRES PER HOUR Required at Head (Head = Height above water surface)
  2. Are You Running Filtration? (if NO go to next question) The volume of the pond should be circulated through the filter every 1 to 2 hours depending on pond conditions. (Pond Volume Calculator) To Calculate flow required simple divide the pond volume in litres by the turnover factor required (Example: 3000litre pond requires turning over every 1.5 hours = 3000lts /1.5hrs = Hourly Flow Rate Required 2000Lts/hr) Remember The flow rate is the flow rate required at the head - Distance above water level
  3. Are you going to use a second outlet? (if NO go to next section) If using a supplied fountain attachment, allow between 500 & 1500lts/hour for the operation, alternatively if you wish to run a second feature please take into account the the required flow rate

Finally To calculate Pump Sizing Consider Your Pond Set Up:

These are common garden pond set up examples:

Pump feeding an external pond filter, returning directly to pond or through a waterfall:

  1. Work out the max height the water is going to be pumped to (Water surface to highest point =  Head).
  2. Use the highest flow rate required from section 1 or 2 above (Remember: both the filter and waterfall must be designed to take maximum flow rate)
  3. The above will give you flow rate at the max height ( Always use recommended hose size to achieve max flow from the selected pump from our Waterfall / Filter Pump selection

Pump feeding an external pond filter or Feature, Plus operating a separate fountain / Feature

  1. Work out the max height the water is going to be pumped to (Water surface to highest point =  Head).
  2. Use the required flow rate from question 2 above
  3. Add the required flow rate for the fountain or feature (Probably between 500-1500lts/hr depending on feature)
  4. If you are looking for a pump to operate a fountain consider the Oase Aquarius Range, Hozelcok Cascade
  5. If you are only running a feature with a filter you may consider a pump feature pump

Fountain / Feature Pump Only:

  1. Depending on your requirements you will probably require between 500-1500lts/hr for a fountain directly attached to a pump pump
  2. If running a feature take into account the height you are pump the water to above the water surface 
  3. We are here to help, if you need advice contact us!

All In One Filter Pump

  1. Always buy a suitable sized model for your pond volume
  2. If running another feature such as a waterfall ensure the pump will produce enough flow as in question 1 above in overview.
  3. For our range of All In One Filter Pond Pumps click here