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Preformed Pond Installation


Before You Start

Siting a pond in an area prone to water logging or where there is a high water table must be avoided due to the risk of damage. This can be avoided by having a fully or a partially raised pond. Any buried or part buried pond must not be emptied when the ground is saturated with water.


Place the pond in the position you have chosen and mark the outline with a garden hose or rope. Remove the pond and excavate the hole 5cm wider and deeper than the pond dimensions.


Evenly line the excavation with approximately 5cm of damp sand.


Using a spirit level check that the layer of sand covering the bottom of the excavation is level.


Place the pond into the prepared area.

Gradually fill the pond with water and at the same time fill in the gaps between the pond and the edge of the excavation with sand and top soil, making sure the pond remains level.




It is important that a pond should be filled and allowed to settle for at least 7 days before any rocks or slabs are placed around the edge. This allows for any ground settlement beneath the pond due to the weight of water.