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PondoVac Classic Spares


1 28062 Oase Spare part handle Classic view
2 44004 Oase Spare filter foam PondoVac Classic / 5 view
3 44001 Oase Spare engage plate PondoVac Classic / 5 view
4 37899 Oase Spare part intake PondoVac Classic view
5 43993 Oase Spare part clamp PondoVac Classic view
6 44007 Oase Spare part intake hose PondoVac Classic view
7 44008 Oase Spare part outlet hose PondoVac Classic view
8 44000 Oase Spare part suction pipe PondoVac black view
9 44003 Oase Spare suction pipe PondoVac transparent view
10 47013 Oase Spare part nozzle set Classic view
12 44010 Oase Spare universal nozzle PondoVac 90 mm view
14 43994 Oase Spare part plug PondoVac Classic view
15 44009 Oase Spare part debris bag PondoVac Classic view
16 44006 Oase Spare part filter bag PondoVac Classic view