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The mindful gardener

Posted by Kayleigh on 10th Sep 2021

The mindful gardener

When was the last time you stood still and just enjoyed your surroundings? How about the last time you simply just focused on the sensory elements around you?

The act of just “being” has been proven to increase your wellbeing and overall health and is recommended by many professionals around the world.

Now we know that this is hard to do when there’s other people around you, or you are working and living in the same space. Which is why, especially since the pandemic, lots of you have invested time adding water features and ponds in to your gardens.

It is important to take time in today’s world to be mindful. Mindfulness is a type of meditation where you are aware of what you’re feeling and sensing right there in that moment. All other thoughts drift away and you tune in to the present.

This could be listening to the soothing sounds of your self-contained features trickling water as they flow from one bowl to next. Or watching your beloved koi swim majestically in the clear waters of your pond. Or even, taking in each soft murmur of your pump as it gently moves water around.

Here at World of Water, we can help you create your peaceful space.


Water lilies add harmony and beauty to the water, as well as many practical functions for your fish and the balance of your ecosystem.

Many ancient cultures also believe different types of lilies have different meanings. Such as the Nymphaea Virginalis, which is a crisp white water lily, is said to bring spirituality and purity into your home.

You can explore our full range of these aquatic jewels here.

You could also add tranquility with a feature or waterfall. Our wide selection of charming designs will not only be a wonderful focal point, which will attract many a conversation, but also bring a sense of calm by reducing surrounding noise pollution and help filter the air.

Good fortune

Koi and goldfish are said to be synonymous with harmony and happiness, they are powerful fish that swim upstream in the wild through strong currents to achieve their goals. These energetic fish are treasured by their owners, many of whom believe, along with the Chinese, that a koi attracts abundance and prosperity.

Goldfish too are linked with calmness, serenity and good fortune. These hardy fish make fantastic friends to welcome in to your gardens or aquariums.

Our in store experts know everything there is to know about koi and goldfish, from identification to their health and well-being.


Alongside entertaining and welcoming guests in to your garden space, another popular reason to spend time outdoors now is to exercise. Customers have told us that they meditate and practise yoga or pilates safely next to their water features either at dawn, to set their day on the right path, or dusk, before bedtime to help them drift in to a peaceful nights sleep.


Caring for your outdoor space is also a mindful process. Taking time to maintain your precious space and nature is rewarding. Cleaning your filters, pruning your pond plants and vacuuming your pond are all tasks which assist in the health of your belongings and increase their longevity and therefore your enjoyment for them.

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” - Albert Einstein 

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