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Pebble Pools & Sump Kits


A Popular Way To Create A Personalised Water Feature

Pebble pools provide a means by which the simplest and safest of water features can be tailored to your individual taste.


The pebble pool is simply a sump in which to house your pump, surrounded by a tray to catch and return the water from your feature. The sump is covered with a lid through which the fountain or pipe extends to supply water to the feature. The whole unit can then be covered with pebbles.

This feature is very adaptable and enables you to achieve incredible results by adding your own individual touches. For example, a terracotta pot or a small ornament on the side pouring water into the pool, different fountain heads, a drilled rock or millstone with the water gentle tumbling over the sides.

Installing a Sump Kit


Installing your water feature Installation only takes a few hours using the simple step by step instructions here.

Turn reservoir upside down and mark out circumference with spade.

Add 2.5cm (1”) layer of sand in bottom of hole to make a level base.


 Place grid on reservoir. Cover with two layers of fine mesh to prevent debris falling in. Cut hole in centre of mesh and pull tubing through.


When the reservoir is full, switch pump on and adjust water flow until you are satisfied with the effect. Finally cover mesh with stones, arrange the plants, stand back - and enjoy.