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Oxygenating Plant Collection

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Oxygenating Plant Collection 

Considered one of the most important group of plants in a pond. An oxygenator is the term applied to a wide variety of  plants.

Originally so named because it was thought that they give out oxygen constantly, although like all plants they give out oxygen during the day and use it up at night

Their primary benefit in a pond is as they grow, they use  nutrients that would otherwise be used by algae such as blanketweed. By occassionally thinning the oxygenators in the pond, a good healthy balance can be maintained

They are also excellent microhabitats for aquatic wildlife, and make great sites for fish eggs to develop

A selection of  plants from the following list will be picked at the nursery, ensuring a selection of great quality plants are available for your pond throughout the year

  • Eleocharis accularis (Dwarf hairgrass 1-60cm planting depth)
  • Hippuris vulgaris (Mare`s tail 0-15cm planting depth)
  • Hottonia palustris (Water violet 5-80cm planting Depth)
  • Hydrocotyle nova zealand (Miniature Pennywort (0-25cm planting depth)
  • Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides (Crystal confetti 0-25cm planting depth)
  • Liaeopsis brasilensis 
  • Marsilea quadrifolia (Water shamrock 0-25cm planting depth)
  • Myriophyllum crispatum (0-25cm)
  • Pilularia globulifera (Pepper grass 1-15cm)
  • Ranunculus aquatilis (Water crowsfoot 0-100cm planting depth)
  • Scirpus cernuus (Fibre optic plant 0-10cm planting depth)
  • Rannunculus hederaceus


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7 Reviews
  • oxygenating plant collection

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jul 2021

    arrived quickly, in good condition and good size. All are doing well in the pond

  • Oxygenating Plant Collection

    Posted by Peter Thompson on 13th Jul 2020

    I've had this collectio for a number of weeks now, and all of the plants have flourished.


    Posted by Caroline on 24th Apr 2020

    The plants arrived very quickly and were well packaged. The planst were also thriving and fresh looking. Reading the leaflet you need to have little pots (cages) to put the plants in, but these are easy to buy. The plants stay in the pots until they start to thrive. I'm unsure if you then take them out of the little cages... it would be good to get advice on that. We are very happy wiht the plants and the service... Having our little pond has made us happy!

Oxygenating Plant Collection

From £24.99 £24.99

Oxygenating Plant Collection

From £24.99 £24.99

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