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Evolution Aqua Silkworm Pupae 300g

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Evolution Aqua Silkworm Pupae 300g

Evolution Aqua Silkworm Pupae are high in protein and fat and easily digestible, making it an excellent treat or as a supplement to your Koi's usual feed (at a rate of 30% total food volume). It not only increases the growth rate of your koi but also enhances the colours.


Do not use below 15 degrees Celsius due to the high protein and fat content. Soak pupae in warm water for 30 mins before use in order to further aid digestion.




100% Dried Silkworm Pupae


Crude Protein 41%

Crude Fats & Oils 18.8%

Crude Fibres 2.2%

Crude Ash 5.4%

Moisture 6.4%