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Evolution Aqua Freshwater Shrimp 120g

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Evolution Aqua Freshwater Shrimp 120g

Evolution Aqua Freshwater shrimp ('Red Gammarus Pulex') are a highly nutritious supplement to your koi's daily feed. High in carotene and digestible protein, they naturally enhance your koi's colour and greatly aid digestion.

These shrimp are only found in the cleanest Arctic streams, as they cannot survive in any type of polluted water. This is a testament to just how healthy and 'clean' this supplement is for your fish.

It is best to feed this to your koi just before their normal feed in order to get the most of the digestion-aiding benefits.




100% Dried Freshwater Shrimp


Protein 41%

Fat 18.8%

Chitin 3.12%

Ash 15.4%

Calcium 5.29%

Phosphorus 9.31%

Moisture 6.4%