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Pond Fish Feeding

In established pools, where there is a good balance of plants, wildlife and fish, there will be plenty of natural food and feeding acts as a supplement to their diet, and is enjoyable for the pond keeper.

However, in a pool which is heavily stocked or lacks plant life which attracts insects, feeding is vital to the fish’s well being. Feeding correctly ensures fish health, growth and ability to breed, and will allow the fish to build up enough reserves for the winter.

There are a number of different foods available, offering different protein levels, health and colour enhancer. Some of these foods are designed for winter feeding with lower protein levels containing wheatgerm, which is easily digestible, while other foods contain higher protein levels and are only suitable for summer feeding when the fish can easily digest the food

Care should be taken not to feed summer foods in colder conditions. This can have extreme effects on the fish’s health and water quality when the temperature rises.

When To Feed Your Fish

When the water temperature is between 5-8ºC in early spring and late autumn, and if the fish appear to be searching for food, you may feed your fish on a “winter food”. In these climates, feeding once a day will be more than sufficient. Once the water temperature reaches 8-10ºc feeding can be increased to two or three times a day, using a higher protein “summer food”.

Remember, any uneaten food should be removed after 5 minutes and the use of a feeding ring will make this easier. This ensures that excess food will not pollute the water as it breaks down.

Tips On Feeding Your Fish

Feeding your fish is a supplement to the natural diet they will find in the pond. This supplement is vital in ensuring your fish receive the correct balanced diet.
Feeding with high protein foods in the summer can ensure sufficient reserves for the winter.
Be careful to feed the correct food for prevailing conditions.
Don’t feed under 5ºC (water temp).
Always remove left over food after 5 minutes. Using a feeding ring will keep the food together and hence easier to remove.
It is best to feed your fish at about the same time each day.
Over feeding will cause poor water conditions and ill health to fish. (Test water regularly).