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Pond Equipment Layout

Pictured below is a very basic layout of a pond, showing how the equipment, cables and hoses may be set out.


The electrics are extremely important and particular care should be taken to use the correct equipment. Armoured cable which should be buried (with a warning tape above) is used to take the power from a 13 amp source in the house or out building to a suitable junction switch box securely fixed above ground level next to the pool. This supply must be protected by an R.C.D. (Trip Switch) at the source of the cable before entering the garden. Most switch boxes are fused and care should be taken to ensure the correct fuse ratings are used. Any cables from the junction box to equipment should then be protected in a buried conduit. With submersible pumps this conduit should be taken under any edging and into the pond. The conduit not only protects the cables from damage, children and wildlife, but also will allow easier removal and reinstallation of equipment as necessary, without having to dig up channels or edging.

Pipe work should be positioned so it is accessible, while being buried to avoid damage and looking unsightly. (Pipes will vary in strength - do not bury too deep, as this may cause them to be crushed). It is strongly recommended not to concrete pipes in and if they need to go through or under pond edging or under a path, it is advised to concrete in a larger conduit and then sleeve the hose through, allowing easier access for replacement or repairs. To achieve the maximum flow available from your equipment you should consider the shortest desirable route for any hoses, while insuring the hose size is suitable for the equipment - usually at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) with mid range pumps.

When considering positioning of equipment, always consult the suppliers instructions, and if required consult an expert for further advice. However some basic rules should be applied: 

Pumps should be positioned to allow easy access for maintenance
Pay attention to filter location (gravity return filters should be positioned as close as possible to the return point, with a short declining rigid pipe)
Ultra violet clarifiers, although designed for outdoor use, are best positioned in a protected and easily accessible place. Do not wrap in plastic

Putting it all Together 

Do not concrete in cables or hose, as access may be required in the future.
Always ensure suitable underlay protection is used.
Plan & install all electrical cabling before completing the project to avoid having to lift any freshly laid edging.
If digging in filter or waterfall hoses protect them from crushing.
Plan the routes for cables & hoses to leave the pond concealed.
Gravity return filter outlets need to be positioned as close as possible to the final point of return.
Ensure all electrical equipment is positioned to avoid accidental damage.
Follow the guides throughout this manual for individual product groups.

World of Water advise that a qualified is consulted prior to installation of electrical pond equipment in or near water or a garden pond  electrical .