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Should I get a pond heater?

Posted by Kayleigh on 10th Dec 2021

Should I get a pond heater?

Although the name may suggest that this device heats the pond temperature, it actually heats the water around where it is placed. By preventing a small area from freezing you will allow poisonous gases to escape, which would otherwise harm your fish. Even if you have cleaned your pond recently with a Pond Vacuum, food matter and fish waste will still decompose at the bottom and when it does, it will release toxins that need to escape.

The unfrozen area now created by the heater also lets oxygen into the pond, which is obviously vital to aquatic life.

We would highly recommend purchasing a Pond Heater if you live in an area which freezes during the winter and let’s face it, the winters in the UK are getting colder each year! Brrrr! You can keep this product running all winter or turn on before expected freezing conditions.

Blagdon’s Affinity Ice Vent Pond Heater is a low energy consumption pond heater which allows your pool to "breathe" during the coldest weather. Running at 50 watts, this convection design heater requires minimal energy to function and it’s fantastic for ponds up to 5000 litres. If you have a larger pond you can use more than one Ice Vent to prevent freezing.

Please note that the cable is 10 metres long but no plug is supplied due to safety legislation on outdoor electrical products in the UK.

If your pond is already frozen and you have just bought an Ice Vent, simply pour enough warm water (not hot!) to create a an area to sit the pond heater in and then let it do it’s magic.

Alternatively, you can leave your waterfall or air pump running as they tend to do the same job. However, if the pipe above ground leading from the pump to the waterfall freezes and blocks it could burn the pump (which would still be trying to pump water through).

Also, if the water in the waterfall freezes it will expand and may crack or damage the paint work of the waterfall, especially if it’s a reformed fibre glass one.

Best to keep an eye on the weather this winter and be prepared for cold days ahead. 

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