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Give your pond the WOW factor!

Posted by Kayleigh on 26th Jul 2022

Give your pond the WOW factor!

Enjoying a bbq and drinks with friends is definitely a summer highlight. As is finishing work and heading home to your garden to sit in the peacefulness of your outdoor space.

But garden enjoyment shouldn’t stop once the sun goes down. With our wide range of lights, you can bring your pond or garden features to life at night, extending pleasurable evenings outside (with or without guests).

During the day, ponds and water features are often the focal point of most gardens but when lit up there is no doubt they will always steal the conversation.

By shining light on water you will refract light in a myriad of ways which will beautifully enhance it. You can be as dramatic or subtle as you wish!

If you’re lighting around the pond or submerging lights in it, you’ll be able to watch your fish swim majestically at night as they weave through the illuminations. Much better than watching the telly if you ask us!

Night lights also offer a security factor, which is ever so important to avoid any unfortunate accidents. A reason itself to install them!

So what are you waiting for? Here’s a round-up of great products at great prices that you don’t want to miss out on!

Our range of energy-efficient Pontec Pondostar LED spotlights can be placed around the side of your pond, submerged up to 1 meter under the water or positioned around your garden. The lights come on a weighted swivel based and can rotate to your desired spot. Made up of 12 small cluster lights, you can choose between 3 or 6 white LEDs, or 6 colour changing lights which are controlled by a remote. Please bear in mind that these lights will need an energy source and come with cable spacing between each spotlight.

Oase’s Pontec Pondostar LED Ring is ideal for illuminated water fountains and jets, giving that dramatised affect. 

The question is will you choose to submerge the lights or place them around your feature? (Or you could buy a few packs and do both!)

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