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Expert Tips for a Successful Planted Aquarium

Posted by Kayleigh on 20th Dec 2022

Expert Tips for a Successful Planted Aquarium

Our store staff and Mail Order Department often get asked “how can I keep my aquatic plants healthy?“ and “why are my aquarium plants not thriving?” 

So we thought we’d share our knowledge in this blog post on how to look after your aquatic plants. 

Ensure you have the right set up - Before you choose which plants to keep, check that your aquarium is capable of growing your chosen plants. Is there enough light and space? Do you need any soil? Fortunately Tropica have made this task a lot simpler for us all with their details Easy, Medium and Advanced labels to ensure compatibility. 

Shop at World of Water - We guarantee that you will receive the freshest plants available. The healthier the plant is to start, the better chance of success. 

Dedicate the time - Learn to fall in love with this “chore” and then it won’t feel like work. The more you love them, the more they will love you back. Follow influencers on Instagram, watch YouTube videos and speak to our experts in store to expand your knowledge and skills. 

Check your water - Plants like a slightly soft water aquarium with the Ph level of between 6-7 ideally, some will tolerate different parameters. 

Feed your plants with a good quality liquid fertiliser - We recommend Tropica Premium Nutrition for aquariums with more fish and less plants, and Specialised Nutrition for heavily planted tanks with fewer fish. 

To learn more about our aquatic plants and to browse our extensive range, pop in to your nearest World of Water store or visit our website page.

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