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Blagdon Affinity Living Water Features

Posted by Kayleigh on 10th Sep 2021

Blagdon Affinity Living Water Features

Blagdon Affinity Living Water Features

We’re an advocate for water (if you hadn’t already guessed) and believe that your outdoor space is truly “complete” when you have a water feature.

Now, there are lots of reasons you may choose not to dig a pond into your garden but you still would love to welcome aquatic life. Well, thanks to Blagdon, for years of development, they have married up the concept of a traditional water feature, with new technology, to bring you their Affinity Pools. And it’s easy to see why they are best-sellers here at World of Water.

First of all, you need to choose which design is for you. There really is an affinity pond for every garden. Depending on the space you have and your desires for the pond, you’ll need to make your mind up from the following options listed here.

Whichever pond you go for, everything you need to get set-up comes in the box, including a screwdriver. You’ll get the Affinity Pool itself, a liner and a pump with filter and lighting, plus decorative fountain features to help oxygenate the water and create soothing sounds.

Made from high-density polyethylene thermoplastic, the weave panel design and brushed anodised aluminium rails, the finished feature is not only highly durable it is also very stylish. The pond comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 3 years. Simple to build and fill up with a hosepipe, you can transform your space in just a few hours.

Our customers love the fact it comes as a complete life support system for fish and plants. However, remember you’ll need to wait to introduce your fish, only adding a couple to begin with. Our experts advice that you then add a few more slowly over the course of 12 weeks or so, the idea being that you need to allow the life support system to mature and create your own balanced environment for them to thrive in.

The Affinity Pools needs to be placed on a level surface, so it can go on your patio, decking, gravel, soil or bark chip, as long as it’s on solid and stable ground. Some people choose to have theirs’s inside too. Of course this means you can move the pond if you so wish around your garden and take it with you when you move house, another bonus!

These freestanding features come with shatterproof porthole windows offering fantastic views of your underworld, that you wouldn’t get with a built-in pond. Just like the inside of a tank, the windows will need to be cleaned once you notice green algae building up (which is natural and expected in water features). But never fear, it’s an easy task with the Affinity Window Pads which ensure you don’t scratch or damage the windows. 

You can also enjoy the ponds way into the evening and during the different months. The automatic night time LED illumination extends the enjoyment of your feature and has a safe low voltage design.

You can order online with us here, we offer free and fast delivery.

Blagdon have collated a fantastic FAQ on their blog, from “how do I look after my affinity pond in the winter?” to “will the affinity pond attract wildlife to my garden?” Simply click here for lots more information:

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