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​Benefits of Aquatic Plants in Your Aquarium

Posted by Kayleigh on 16th Dec 2022

​Benefits of Aquatic Plants in Your Aquarium

Aquatic plants offer heaps of benefits to your aquarium, its inhabitants and to you, as aquascapers and hobbyists. 

And here’s why; our top 7 reasons you should add plants to your aquariums… 

Replicating their environment - Many fish, snails and shrimps would naturally be surrounded by aquatic plants in their natural habitats.

Shelter - Aquatic plants can be a great source of shelter and security for your tank’s inhabitants. Many fish will display their natural behaviours and vivid colours when they feel safe. If you have fry, they will also take refuge amongst the leaves and stems. 

Mindfulness - Nurturing your plants and watching them grow can be a rewarding and therapeutic task. You can completely lose yourself in these “chores” as it’s enjoyable to reap the benefits of seeing your plants thrive and feeling connected to nature. 

Education - Planted aquariums can teach children a sense of responsibility by changing the water regularly and maintaining the plants. It can give them a chance to be creative with aquascaping and learn about science and nature, exploring topics such as photosynthesis and hydrodynamics. 

They look stunning - You just have to pop into one of our stores to see a display or watch George Farmer’s YouTube videos with Tropica to be mesmerised by the beauty of an underwater garden. 

Choice - There is a plant to suit any aesthetic need, from Marsilea Hirsuta carpet species  to the beautiful heart shaped leaves of Anubias Barteri Caladiifolia.

Bye bye algae - Healthy aquatic plants are algae’s biggest nemesis. If you look after your plants and they are happy, the less nuisance algae you will experience. 

To learn more about the benefits of our aquatic plants and to browse our extensive range, you can pop to your nearest store or visit our website.

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