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​5 Easy Aquatic Plants for Beginners

Posted by Keith at World of Water Crawley on 19th Dec 2022

​5 Easy Aquatic Plants for Beginners

Are you an inspiring green-fingered aquarist? Or maybe you’re new to fish keeping and have heard that adding plants is very beneficial. Well, you’re in the right place as here at World of Water we stock a wide range of aquatic plants for novices to experienced aquascapists. 

Plant keeping can be challenging when you are looking at different species. So to introduce you to this fantastic world and to get you on your way to having your very own underwater garden, our expert’s have recommend their top 5 aquatic plants you could start with. 

Cryptocoryne Wendtii– simple to grow, this beautiful plant presents vivid green leaves and thrives in almost all conditions, even in the shadow of larger plants. 

Miranthemum Monte Carlo – a popular option, this compact carpet plant simply needs suitable lighting and fertiliser liquids to maintain its health. 

Anubias Barteri Nana – ideal for small aquariums, this slow growing attractive plant has the ability to flourish in all conditions. It can be attached to a stone or tree root but also does well in substrate and fertiliser liquid. 

Staurogyne repens– position in the foreground of your aquarium, this easy to care for hardy plant needs good lighting and fertiliser liquids for growth. 

Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis - this undemanding plant boasts bright green leaves which can turn a beautiful red-brown in the right light conditions. If the plant grows too tall, simply trim the top and re-plant it in the substrate to grow again. 

To learn more about our aquatic plants and to browse our extensive range, pop in to your nearest World of Water store or visit our website page. 

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