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Octagonal Wooden Fish Pond - 6ft

£529.99 £529.99
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Octagonal Wooden Fish Pond - 6ft

6ft Octagonal Self Build Timber Fish Pond

Available in four sizes:

  • 69cm High (5 x 27mm boards) - Capacity: 1305 litres/286 gallons (compatible with filter enclosure)
  • 80cm High (6 x 44mm boards) - Capacity: 1586 litres/348 gallons (compatible with filtration planks)
  • 107cm High (8 x 27mm boards) - Capacity: 2150 litres/473 gallons
  • 107cm High (8 x 44mm boards) - Capacity: 2150 litres/473 gallons (compatible with filtration planks)

These precision engineered timber ponds are produced in a state of the art facility for guaranteed quality. They have notched a tongue and groove system ensuring the ponds are structurally solid. The wooden ponds has been fully pressure treated and can be installed on concrete, patios, decking and grass. And if the garden isn’t level you can submerge part or all of the structure in the ground.

Optional Extras:

Filtration planks are a great addition to your pond. They replace the standard plank with a plank that has holes which allow through the wall connection to your chosen filtration and eliminate any unsightly hoses from travelling over the top of your pond. The filtration enclosure is ideal for hiding a pressurised filter or for seating a box filter.


A 900mm filtration plank with 2 x 1.5" diameter holes and multi-stepped hosetails, One to be used as an inlet and the other as an outlet. Idea for use with small to medium sized ponds. When fitting it is recommended to place the filtration plank towards the top of your pond.


2 x 900mm boards which combine to give you a 4" diameter hole. Includes multi-stepped hosetail.
(The 4" fitting is used as an outlet and must be installed a minimum of two planks from the floor)

1 x 900mm filtration plank with 1.5" diameter hole. Includes multi-stepped hosetail.
(To be used as an inlet to the pond and should be placed towards the top of the pond. The double filtration pack is suited for medium to large size ponds).


The filtration enclosure fits up against all 69cm high wooden ponds, be it square, rectangular or octagonal. The enclosure is also supplied with an additional board so that you can cut the top board to shape an octagonal pond if desired. Dimensions of the filtration enclosure are 730mm front to back, 892mm left to right and 69cm high

Crease-Free Liner Included

Enjoy a crease free, perfectly fitted PVC liner which is tailor-made, utilising high frequency to create a perfect fitting and crease free waterproof membrane. Liners are also supplied with the Beaded Liner lock system commonly used in swimming pools, resulting in a perfect fit. We supply the pond to you as a complete package which includes the walls, top shelf, black fitted liner, black linerlock and self drilling screws. 

Long Warranty Period

10 years on 44mm models
5 years on 27mm models

Structural 5 or 10 Years Warranty with Manufacturer