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Safe Pond Guide

Ponds and aquatic life fascinate young children! 
Therefore it is important to make the area safe, whilst enjoyable.

Here are some simple ideas to help:

Always supervise children around open water.

Fence the pond area at least 1.1m high with locked gates

Place a grill over the pond, local metal fabricators can design and build alternatively talk to Pondsafety who will install a modular system

Position the pond in a part of the garden where access can be restricted and where it is highly visible to adults.

A raised pond will create a natural barrier for toddlers, although young children can climb!

Use wide shallow planting areas; this will allow easier escape should a child fall in.

Visiting children are often at higher risk, as they may be unaware of the potential danger.

Always have electrical items professionally fitted using a trip switch (RCD). Visit the NICEIC
Ensure pool edging is secure.

Consider a water feature with no open water such as a pebble pool of water feature using a sump and grill.

Remember accidents are very rare, so enjoy your pond while being aware of safety!




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