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Green Water... can be unsightly. It is caused by a bloom of algae, which is feeding on all the excess nutrients created from fish faeces, uneaten food and rotting vegetation.

The long term cure... Installing a biological filter and Ultra Violet Clarifier system and establishing a good selection of plants to digest the excess nutrients will both assist in the reduction.


Short term... If it is a new pond that has not yet balanced, there are a number of products available, which will reduce green water. It is recommended, if you have a planted pond, to use an environmentally friendly treatment that will not hinder the growth of your plants.

Even established ponds go green occasionally... In certain conditions these ponds can go green due to a number of reasons, such as high sunlight levels in early spring before plants have established themselves. Either install an ultra violet clarifier or use treatments on a short-term basis.

Blanket Weed... a real nuisance, like a green, slimy, candy floss – it can rapidly take over should there be enough nutrients and sunlight for it to thrive on. So again, a mature well-balanced pond will suffer less.



Powders, Liquid & Alternative Treatments

There are now non-algaecide and natural treatments, which are incredibly effective from barley straw, extract of barley straw to probiotic treatments, which add bacteria to the pond, then multiply and reduce blanket weed.

The traditional algaecides are still available, however these are more suited to ponds and features, which have few or no plants. Ask at your local centre for the best solution for your water garden.

Mechanical Removal

If you have a major blanket weed problem it is best to remove as much as possible by hand before starting any treatment. If the worst of the blanket weed is not removed it will breakdown and pollute the water causing serious water quality problems, which could effect your pond inhabitants.


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