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Fish will be supplied in strong plastic bags. The fish will be quite happy in these bags for a couple of hours, but do keep them cool, quiet and shaded. See the tips on introducing fish below.

Tips On Introducing New Fish

Float the bag with the newly purchased fish for 30 minutes to allow them to acclimatise while ensuring the top of the bag has been rolled down and some of the pond water is splashed in. (Always keep the bag in the shade) Please ensure the top of the bag does not close up while acclimatising, as this will starve the fish of oxygen.

Carefully net the fish out of the bag and release them. Dispose of the water in the bag.

It is essential to test the water before purchasing fish. Remember that established fish in the pond can become acclimatised to a gradual decrease in water quality over time, which could be fatal to new arrivals.

While fish purchased at World of Water are from reputable breeders, it is essential to isolate them before introducing them into established collections.


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