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Dyofix Blue Pond Dye - Eco Friendly

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Dyofix Blue - Eco Friendly Dye For Garden Ponds

The Dyofix SGP Blue pond dye will serve you well in your garden and grounds. The pond dyes work with the dual purpose of enhancing the natural beauty of your water feature while controlling the growth of unsightly algae and aquatic weeds.

Aquatic life in your pond or lake remain unharmed, leaving you to enjoy everything about your tranquil water setting.

Dyofix pond dyes are safe to use for filters, humans, animals, fish, amphibians and insects.

Dyofix 15 Blue Treats 15000 litres / 3296 gallons
Dyofix 50 Blue Treats 50000 litres / 10989 gallons

Dyofix Blue works for up to 3 months and can be used all year round

Dyo Fix pond dyes will deter predators as the dyes hide fish towards the bottom of the pond making them almost invisible to most overhead birds.

Control algae and weeds with Dyofix Blue pond dye

Eco-friendly SGP Blue pond dye maintains a stable environment in your garden pond by preventing sunlight from creating the abundance of resources that lead to unsightly algae and weeds.

Garden pond owners can experience what’s called an algal bloom when resources are plentiful leading algae reproduce in record numbers. Consuming larger and larger amounts of the resources available, the bloom can kill other pond life, both other plants and fish.

Benefits of using Dyofix Blue

  • Inhabits algae & weed growth
  • Improved appearance of your water
  • Gold medal designers use Dyofix products
  • Deters Birds and cats from taking your fish
  • Easy to apply
  • Creates a beautiful contrast for plants and shrubs
  • Safe for children, pets and pond life

Manual algae prevention can be hard work and is not always practical.

The use of chemicals, algaecides, herbicides etc (if not used in precise doses or under strict supervision by experts) can cause an imbalance of the natural nutrients in the pond. This may have a negative effect on fish, plants and other species.

Dyofix SGP Blue is an extremely economical solution for preventing algae and aquatic weeds in garden ponds.

Instructions for use:
Calculate the volume of water in the pond. 1ml is required for each 50 litres of water. Half fill a watering can with pond water and add the measured amount, stir the contents. When mixed, apply to different parts of the pond.

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Dyofix Blue Pond Dye - Eco Friendly

Now: £19.80

Dyofix Blue Pond Dye - Eco Friendly

Now: £19.80

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