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Aquarium Aeration

Oxygen is vital for fish and in some aquariums, it may be lacking. Aeration can be added by agitating the water vigorously with a power filter or by using additional aeration from an air pump.

Traditional air pumps sit outside the aquarium and pump air along tubing into the water. It can be diffused through an air stone, producing thousands of tiny bubbles, or put to use making an ornament move. No matter how you introduce air to the aquarium, the fish will benefit.

A whole range of air accessories are available from spare parts to splitters, connectors and valves that enable complete control.

Whichever size or style of air pump you choose, anything is better than nothing, and fish and filter bacteria will benefit. Look in store for a range of aeration features, air accessories and action ornaments. Leave aeration running 24/7, and run extra aeration when adding medicine or dealing with very hot weather conditions.

Large airstones and multiple air-operated features require large pumps. Ask for assistance to choose the best air pump for your needs.