Oase Organix Daily Granules

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80g and 120g oase organix daily granules range

Oase Organix Daily Granules 

Organix Daily Food for community tanks provides a large variety of species in the aquarium with everything that healthy fish need. The Daily Food is ideal as a staple food for daily feeding and promotes growth and vitality of aquarium inhabitants. With the suitable supplementary foods from Organix you can bring variety to your feeding.

  • Sustainably harvested
  • Without artificial attractants
  • Optimal protein-fat ratio

Complete food for ornamental fish

Feed 1-2 times daily

Suitable for both freshwater & saltwater fish

The Organix range of fish food is only made from whole fish, never fishmeal. The wild fish is line caught to MSC standards in the pure waters off the coast of Alaska. This ensures the content of Organix is as close as possible to what your aquarium fish would be eating in the wild.

With Oase Organix you are adding one of the highest quality fish foods in the world to your aquarium. Only natural ingredients, harvested gently and sustainably off the coast of Alaska, freshly prepared and free of artificial additives.

With Organix beginners and professionals can feed their fish with the pure power of nature - now in a perfectly coordinated and varied menu.

The perfect ratio of protein to fat - Did you know that the food fish naturally eat in the wild has a protein to fat ration of between 2:1 and 3:1? If fish food isn't balanced towards this ratio then the fish can't take the most energy from the food. Unlike other foods on the market Oase Organix has a protein to fat ratio of 2.4:1 making it as close to nature as possible.

With fully recyclable packaging and no artificial additives Oase Organix is designed to be the perfect food for your aquarium fish.

The entire Oase Organix range is MSC certified. Oase only use fish that has been independently certified to the MSC’s standard for a well-managed and sustainable fishery.