Oase Filtral UVC 3000 Underwater Filter + Fountain Kit

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Oase Filtral UVC 3000 Underwater Filter + Fountain Kit

Oase Filtral 3000 submersible pond filter with built in UV clarifier 


Includes free fountain nozzle kit worth £15.99 R.R.P

We recommend use of the optional add-on Aeration Set available here

The Oase Filtral 3000 is a submersible water filter with a UVC clarifier and integrated pump. 

  • Complete with filter foams and ceramic media
  • Removes dirt, algae and bacteria.
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Built in 9 watt ultra violet lamp
  • Helps to eliminate green water.
  • includes 3 types of fountain heads

The Oase Filtral 3000 offers a multi-functional solution for small ponds and pre-formed pools of up to 3000 litres or 660 gallons. It is a compact filter unit with an integrated UVC and pump helping to create a healthy and attractive water based environment, As the unit is completely submersible there is no need for an external filtration system which would require hoses in and out of the pond, which can be unsightly and difficult to hide.

Additionally the Oase Filtral 3000 is ideal for running a small waterfall or feature. If you desire a fountain this can be achieved with the included fountain nozzle kit.

FILTRAL UVC 3000 Compact high-performance filter with UVC and pump

  • Guaranteed clear water when used in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations
  • Only one power cable
  • Suitable for ponds of up to 3000 litres 
  • Four filter materials for optimum filtration 
  • Complete Filtral system can be submersed in the pond

Includes three attractive fountain attachments enabling different water displays. The fountain attachment is height-adjustable and can be adapted to different water levels

Maintenance and cleaning
Recommendation regarding cleaning:
· Clean the unit as required but at least twice a year.
· When cleaning the pump, pay particular attention to the cleaning of the impeller unit and pump housing.
· Clean the inspection window with cotton swabs.

Technical data Filtral 3000
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 269 x 245 x 140

Rated voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption: W 36
Power cable length: 10 metres
Net weight: 3.7kg
UVC power: 9 watts
Max. flow rate: 1200 litres per hour
Max. head height: 1.8 metres
Number of blue filter foams: 1
Number of red filter foams: 1
Pressure-side connection: ½", ¾", 1"

(Measurements provided are without the optional fountain head attachment)

The Oase Filtral 3000 comes with a two year guarantee for added piece of mind.

2 year guarantee - With the purchase of an Oase product you will have made a conscientious decision for top quality, optimal convenience, low power consumption, a long service life and maximum safety. In addition, Oase offer 1st class technical support for the lifespan of the product. Should you have any issues with the product during its guarantee period please contact World of Water directly.