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Oase Biotec Screenmatic

Oase Biotec Screenmatic2 Pond filter

The oase Screenmatic is a range of technical advanced pond filters for larger ponds and koi ponds upto 140,000 litres depending on fish stocking rates. Complete with a moving screen to remove larger fish waste and general debris from the pond, leaving the advanced filter material to break down any toxins and remaining debris.

Oase Biotec ScreenmaticProduct Features:

  • Oase Clear Water Guarantee
  • Intelligent Function: Sensors detect debris levels on screen belt and run belt as required, while an LED indicator required maintenance.
  • Easy Course Debris Removal with the adjustable moving screen, with sludge basket to collect waste for easy removal
  • Biological Filter Foams can be cleaned within the filter
  • Sludge Drain allows easy sludge removal with a slide value system
  • Direct attachment to Oase Bitron UVC and Eco UVC (UV included when purchased as Set, see Pond Filter kits for great deals)
  • For best results combine with a match Oase Aquamax Pump  (included when purchased as Set)
  • Fast Delivery | Price Promise 
Oase BioTec ScreenMatic2 Pond Filters
BioTec ScreenMatic2
40000 60000 90000 120000
Size (L x W x H) mm  788 x 590 x 445  788 x 590 x 545  788 x 590 x 645  1200 x 800 x 760
Filter Foams Inc  8 16  18 
Hose Inlet Size mm 25 / 32 / 38  25 / 32 / 38  25 / 32 / 38 /50 25 / 32 / 38 /50
Outlet Size  DN75 DN75 DN110 DN110
Min Flow Litres  4000  6000 8000  8000 
Max Flow Litres  9000 10000   12500 17500 
Suitable For Ponds Up To (LTS)  40000 60000  90000 140000 
Rec with Average Fish (LTS max)  20000 30000  45000 70000 
Rec with Koi or Heavy Fish (LTS max)  10000 15000   25500 35000 
BioTec Screenmatic2 Model Number 57694 57695 46178 57696 
BioTec Screenmatic2 Sets Come Complete With Aquamax Premium Eco Pump and Bitron C UVC
Aquamax Eco Premium Pump Included in SETS (Kits) Aquamax 12000 Aquamax 16000 Aquamax 20000  
UVC Included in SETS (Kits) Bitron C 36W Bitron C 55W Bitron C 110W  
SET Model Number 57699  57701  46180   

Please Note: These figures are for guidance only, other environmental factors may need to be taken into consideration when selecting a pond filter, please speak to one of experts if you require any advise.