JBL Pro Pond All Seasons Sticks 7.5kg (best value pond food at 54p/100g )

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JBL Pro Pond All Seasons Sticks 7.5kg (best value pond food at 47p/100g )

JBL All Season Fish Food 5.8kg + 30% Extra Free

Outstanding value fish food sticks at less than £0.54 per 100g. Feed your fish all year round with the natural, well balanced JBL Pro Pond medium floating stick formula. Suitable for feeding when temperatures are between 10°c and 25°c. All season JBL Medium stick size of 14mm

  • Complete food with the right protein/fat ratio 3:1 in accordance with the NEO index which takes temperature, function, animal size and age into account
  • With wheat, salmon, spinach and spirulina for vigorous and healthy pond fish.
  • Floating sticks with 24 % protein, 7 % fat, 4 % crude fibre and 8 % crude ash
  • Food sticks in resealable bag (air, water and lightproof) for the preservation of quality

JBL All Season contains the following compositions 

  • corn meal
  • wheat meal
  • salmon meal
  • soy bean meal
  • rice meal
  • wheat germs
  • shrimp meal
  • spinach
  • spirulina
  • yeast extract
  • apple extract
  • green meal