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Keeping Your Pond Healthy in the Summer

Posted by Katie From WOW Bracknell on 18th Jul 2018

Even in a British summer temperatures can get high the most important thing for your pond is...


Having Oxygenating Pond Plants will help during the day, but remember that at night the plants actually take oxygen from your pond and turn it into carbon dioxide, so it is always advised to have an air pump running at night so you're not greeted the next morning with gasping fish.

If your pond has a pond pumps and pond Filters this can help with adding oxygen as any disturbance to the water surface by the water re-entering the pond will allow the toxic gases out and that all important oxygen in!


This is the time of year when most pond plants are blooming, keep them looking nice for as long as possible by dead-heading and removing dying foliage, this is the same for your water lilies. Any flowers on your lily that no longer open up are far past their best as are the lily pads that are starting to yellow, and should be snipped off close to the base of the plant. Doing this will allow the plant to put more energy into bringing up more flower buds and healthy Pond Plants pads. 

Blanket Weed

This aquatic plant is one no one wants in their pond. Unfortunately this is the time of year when water temperatures are up, the sun is out for longer and all the excess nutrients in your pond are producing the perfect conditions for blanket weed to thrive and spread across your pond.

Good fish keeping practice can help minimise blanket weed, so any uneaten fish food should be removed from the water if not touched within 5 minutes of going in, if left in this is all added nutrients that is feeding the blanket weed. The filters should also been maintained to make sure it is dealing with fish waste efficiently. Blanket Weed Treatments

Feeding Fish

Temperatures are up, which means your fish are actively looking for food, and lots of it! We always recommend a higher protein food for your fish at this time of year, which helps boost growth and keep their colours bright. We have a variety of different colour and growth foods in store for you to choose from. As the warm seasons end around late September remember to switch to a low protein staple food and then wheat germ for the colder months. We stock a very popular food called Medikoi Probiotic  by NT labs that can actually be fed to your fish throughout each season, to save you the hassle of buying different foods.

Fish Health

Microscopic parasites that go undetected and therefore untreated can lead to fish dying and can wipe out entire ponds. If you notice fish flicking or rubbing against objects in the pond, splashing and or jumping (when not spawning), excess slime coat (grey film over the body) red fins, clamped fins, or lethargic swimming these are all indicators that your fish are infected with parasites.

We sell broad spectrum treatments to treat your pond with, to rid your fish of these parasites. The size of the treatment you will need will all depend on the volume of your pond. So make sure you measure the correct volume before you buy and BEFORE you dose. We highly recommend speaking to a member of staff if you think your fish have parasites.

Parasites can come back year after year so it's always advised to give your pond a preventative parasite treatment at the start of the season (March-April)* and as the season is coming to an end (September-October)*Weather dependent

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