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World of Water Aquarium Drops

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World of Water Aquarium Drops

World of Water Aquarium Drops


  • Contains millions of beneficial bacteria to help maintain a clean & healthy pond
  • Includes Sludge Control
  • 2 Drops treats 25litres

Designed to reduce ammonia, nitrite, sludge and detritus in freshwater aquariums and help keep them clean and healthy.

Bac-2-Health Aquarium Drops contain millions of beneficial bacteria and start working as soon as they are placed in water

Ideal for maturing new aquarium filters rapidly, or boosting filters after maintenance.

Use after the aquarium has been treated with medicine or other treatments. For best results use 2 Drops per 25 litres once a week

Place directly into your filter, ideally in a small net bag. Do not place directly into the aquarium without a net bag to ensure they are not eaten by your fish.

Safe for all aquarium fish and plants. Because beneficial bacteria need oxygen as they do their good works make sure that the aquarium is well oxygenated with an air pump or venturi.

Wash hands after use and keep away from children. Do not swallow