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Watercourse Slate Step Left Bend by Oase Rockways

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Watercourse Slate Step Left Bend by Oase Rockways

Oase Rockways - Watercourse Brown Slate Step Left Bend

Create a stunning water feature with the Oase Rockways range of waterfalls and watercourses. Made from a robust, lightweight, and weather resistant polyresin and hand finished to give a very realistic rustic appearance of natural stone.  Use multiple pieces from the range to create a custom water feature unique to your pond.

Dimensions: Length: 90cm | Width: 80cm | Height: 20cm

Maximum Flow Rate: 4000 litres per hour

Take your outdoor space to a new level of sensory enjoyment

Although it’s still a mystery why running water makes us feel calm, we can all agree there is something very special about the sound. Imagine sitting by a small watercourse on a warm and sunny day. You breathe in deeply and feel the restorative effect of nature and a sense of well-being. Then you begin to really enjoy that feeling of clear-headed calm that washes over you as you listen to the water gently cascading down the rocks.

Introducing OASE watercourses

Watercourses and cascades can be installed in various ways to blend harmoniously into your landscape.
You can transform any garden into an attractive water garden.

These preformed units can be used to perfectly suit any size or style of landscape. What’s more, with careful planting and landscaping, your features will seem as though they’ve been there all along. By gently blending them into their surroundings, you will enjoy a vision that is entirely in keeping with nature.

Making your watercourse is quick and easy

OASE watercourse preformed elements are specifically designed to interconnect and form pleasing shapes. A natural appearance is guaranteed. You’ll also discover how effortless they are to work with.  Each piece is lightweight and easy to move, while also being robust and strong. Your watercourse will be assembled in no time and you will soon be enjoying your new environment. Plus, they are made from high-quality fade-resistant materials which means your watercourse will continue to look realistic for years to come.

Your step-by-step-guide to creating a waterfall

1. You can make a watercourse with or without a pond. The minimum you’ll need is a simple water reservoir. Here’s a checklist of the items you’ll need:

  • A water reservoir or pond
  • A length of hose to connect the pump to the top element of your watercourse
  • A suitable pump with the correct flow rate

2. Choose which element is going to be the top element of your watercourse. Each element has a pre-cut hole with a thread adapter. The resin just needs to be cut out with a knife.

3. You’ll also need a gentle slope on which to build your watercourse. Either a natural incline or you can create one.

If you require help selecting a pump please call us on 01580 243 333