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Deep Water Plants

All our deep water plants are expertly hand-picked and packed to ensure you have only the very best specimens for your pond.

Deep water pond plants play a key role in the health of your pond by providing essential shade and surface cover for your fish and water life. While submerged pond plants also create interest and texture in the deeper water sections as well as help to keep your pond balanced by removing excess nitrate from the water. From large to miniature water lilies, paired with deep water pond plants such as water hawthorn you can create a stunning centre piece to your garden pond from spring to autumn. 

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  • British Native
    Perfect For Pollinators
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    Persicaria amphibia - Amphibious bistort

    UK Grown Pond Plants

    Persicaria amphibia - Amphibious bistort

    Persicaria amphibia - Amphibious bistort Trailing elongated stems and leaves float on the surface while the bottle brush like, pink flowers rise above the water.  Fast growing in bog gardens and can also grow in quite deep water (80cm). Pond ready...

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