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Plant Pests & Control

Just like fish, pond plants may at times suffer from various health problems. The following table will help you identify and resolve some of these. Following these simple tips and using suitable aquatic products will ensure that you are able to create a beautifully planted pond with the minimum of trouble.

Common Aquatic Pond Plants Pest and Problems

SYMPTOM: Small, black aphids on lily leaves.

LIKELY CAUSE: Water lily aphid.

ACTION: Spray nearby fruit trees in the winter with an ovicide to kill eggs. Knock aphids into water with hose where fish can eat them.


SYMPTOM: Small dark brown/black beetles, and tiny black larvae on lilies. Causes disfigurement of leaves.

LIKELY CAUSE: Water lily beetle.

ACTION: Knock beetles into water with hose. Tidy up pond side vegetation during winter.


SYMPTOM: Jelly-like masses appear on leaves, plants eaten away

LIKELY CAUSE: Snails, in particular greater pond snails. 

ACTION: Float lettuce on water, remove when covered in snails.


 SYMPTOM: Dark patches on surface of leaves.

LIKELY CAUSE: Water lily leaf spot.

ACTION: Remove affected leaves and discard.


SYMPTOM: Sudden blackening of leaves and flower stems. Rootstock goes gelatinous and foul

LIKELY CAUSE: Water lily crown rot.

ACTION: Remove all affected plants and destroy them.